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Should I use UDP or TCP with OpenVPN?

OpenVPN can run over either TCP or UDP transport protocols. We offer multiple UDP & TCP OpenVPN ports on all our VPN servers.

Available PORTS
UDP - 443, 8080, 8888
TCP - 443, 8080, 8888

UDP OpenVPN Protocol
- Faster speeds - UDP is significantly faster than TCP.
- Preferred connection for media streaming, VoIP and playing games online.
- Lower reliability – On rare occasions UDP can drop packets.

TCP OpenVPN Protocol
- Better reliability – TCP offers more stable connections as it guarantees delivery of packets
- Bypass Firewalls – TCP is rarely blocked since it runs on common ports. TCP VPNs can bypass even the strictest corporate/country firewalls.
- Slower speeds – TCP features higher encryption methods that tend to slow transfer rates compared to UDP

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